How to Choose the Right Stock Broker

06 July, 2021

How to Choose the Right Stock Broker | Planify

A stockbroker is a professional who executes buy and sell orders for stocks and other securities on behalf of clients. A stockbroker may also be known as a registered representative, investment adviser, or simply, broker.

In this video, you will get to know about the types of stockbrokers in India: Full-service brokers (Traditional Broker), Discount brokers (Budget brokers).

The main objective of this video is "How to Select the Right Stock Brokers. 

In the 90s stock exchange adopted an online or electronic system of trading. To understand simply the need of going physically to the counter for buying or selling the account was eliminated and instead, you could do the same process via computer. 

For the purpose of dealing electronically, you required an account and this is known as the trading account. You cannot trade in stock without a trading account. You will have to register with a stockbroker or the firm to get an online trading account and you will be given a unique ID to make transactions. A trading account is a must for investors in the stock market.

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