Unheard Story of ESDS Software Solutions | Planify

06 July, 2022

Unheard Story of ESDS Software Solutions | Interaction with Piyush Somani | Planify


In a discussion with CEO Piyush Somani, we talked about the Company's origin, current services, developments, Future projections, and Evaluation. ESDS is amongst India’s leading managed cloud services and end-to-end multi-cloud solution providers. They have built a comprehensive cloud platform that their customers rely on, consisting of cloud infrastructure, and well-architected solutions aimed at reducing cost and providing safety, flexibility, scalability, and reliability to enterprises compared with the traditional on-premise IT models. Also Watch: The Startup Journey from Zero to 150 Crores. Madbow Venture: Interview with CEO Naveen Mahlawat. Experiential Etc: Startup for Fundraising- https://youtu.be/OWccFagLRz0 Research Report of ESDS Software. Subscribe to Planify Channel and hit the 🔔 to watch our videos first. Connect with us on social media channels for interesting information Contact us at +91 7065560002 via Whatsapp/Normal call Or Mail us at help@planify.in