Startup Pitch for Investment | VCI Chemicals | Shubham Gupta | Planify

17 March, 2023

VCI Chemicals | Startup Pitch | Shubham Gupta | Planify


In this Video we have Explain VCI Chemicals works and what are products of VCI Chemicals. We have discussed about Vci Market size, Peers and future projection of the company. Find the benefits of investing in VCI Chemicals. 

00:00 Introduction
01:02 About VCI Chemicals 
06:12 VCI Chemicals Highlights the challenges
07:00 VCI Chemicals Solutions
18:39 VCI Chemicals Industry Value Chain
22:14 VCI Chemicals Market Sie
27:56 VCI Chemicals Peers
33:58 VCI Chemicals Projections
39:16 VCI Chemicals Fund Utilizations
43:28 VCI Chemicals Business Models
46:33 VCI Chemicals Market Strategy
01:07:31 VCI Chemicals Exit Strategy
01:14:29 Disclaimer

Check detailed research report :- VCI Chemicals 

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