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Pre Series B

₹50 Cr. - ₹80 Cr.


Series B

₹80 Cr. - ₹250 Cr.


Series C

₹250 Cr. - ₹800 Cr.


Series D

₹800 Cr. - ₹4000 Cr.


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Benefits to Founders

Gain access to 10,000+ angel investor & family offices to fuel your growth.


All Products Under one Roof

Planify is an integrated platform to provide all the products to Founders under one roof.

Hassle-free Fundraising

Planify is actively working in raising equity funds for startups and helps raise funds above ₹25 Cr.


Strategic Tie-ups

Planify facilitate networking & helps you connect with veterans in the industry to seek guidance.

Process of Fundraising

Raise funds for your startup with Planify using 6 easy steps.
Introductory CallIntroductory Call_arrow

Introductory Call

An introductory call is planned with the management to understand their business model.
 Due Diligence Due Diligence_arrow

Due Diligence

Startups application would be processed by our Financial Analysts before certifying the startup.
Signing of AgreementSigning of Agreement_arrow

Signing of Agreement

NDA, Term sheet and other agreement papers are signed duly by the founders.
Success FeeSuccess Fee_arrow

Success Fee

We charge 5% of funds raised successfully. Includes payment processing. No other fees.
Shri GaneshShri Ganesh_arrow

Shri Ganesh

The start-up is launched on Planify’s platform to raise the desired funds at a market value
Raise Funds

Raise Funds

 A team of Investment Banking (Sell-side) facilitates the fundraising.


Planify is an integrated platform to provide all the products to Founders under one roof. Planify promotes hassle-free equity fundraising


Term Sheet

Planify prepares Term Sheet, NDA & all the necessary documents to minimize paperwork of founders.


Planify’s provides accurate projections to the company, enabling better planning & forecast.

Due Diligence/Audit Report

Planify’s Financial Analyst team does due diligence of your company & prepares audit reports.


Planify helps your company become attractive by preparing a pitch deck to gain attraction of investors.

Investment Deck

Planify helps your company become investable by preparing an investment deck to woo the investors.

Equity Restructuring

Planify facilitates equity restructuring of your company to help you raise funds.

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₹ 40.0 cr


₹ 25.0 cr


₹ 5.0 cr


₹ 1.0 cr


Planify is the biggest platform that connects investors with entrepreneurs for hassle-free angel investing. Planify has facilitated ₹250 Cr. worth secondary investments in upcoming startups.

Enable investments into emerging startups & connect with industry veterans

Planify gives a chance to our budding entrepreneurs to meet Investors, Trendsetters, Mentors and Changemakers to propel their company’s growth.
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Consumer Startups

Planify provides you with an opportunity to invest in the upcoming consumer startups to become a nodal point of their growth journey.
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Know More About Growth Capital

Growth Capital is a form of financing used by companies to expand their operations, enter new markets, invest in research and development, hire new employees, acquire assets, and make strategic acquisitions. It can be necessary for companies that have outgrown their existing resources and need additional capital to continue expanding.

How to Raise Growth Capital with Planify & why?

To raise funds for ticket size of more than Rs. 10 Cr then the growth funding is just the right thing for you. We restructure the total equity of the company and with robust marketing, we attract investors who would like to invest on the company on our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Growth funding refers to the capital raised by a company to fuel its expansion and scale its operations. Growth funding focuses on investing in companies that have potential for substantial  growth and companies that looks for scalability and expansion. 

The time it takes can vary widely depending on various factors, including the stage of your business, the industry you operate in, the amount of funding you are seeking, and the type of investors you are targeting. The process of raising growth funding can take several months or more. It involves preparing a strong business plan, identifying potential investors, pitching your business to them, and negotiating the terms of the investment.
This is something not defined. The amount of growth funding a company should raise depends on various factors such as the company's current stage, growth plans, market conditions, and financial needs. Growth funding is raised to help a company expand its operations, and invest in many different markets to explore expansion opportunities.

Companies that are experiencing rapid growth and expanding into new markets may require more funding than those that are operating in stable markets. some factors to consider when determining how much growth funding to raise:

Growth plans: Consider the company's growth plans and expansion strategies. The funding amount should align with the growth objectives and plans of the company.

Financial projections: Review the company's financial projections and business plan to determine the funding needed to support those projections. Consider factors such as projected revenue, expenses, and cash flow requirements to arrive at a funding amount that provides an adequate runway for growth. Valuation and equity dilution: Consider the company's valuation and equity dilution implications when raising growth funding. Higher funding amounts may result in higher equity dilution.

Growth capital firms invest in companies that have already obtained traction in their respective markets but still need additional capital to reach further expansion goals. Growth funding is raised to help a company expand its operations, and invest in many different markets to explore expansion opportunities.
Venture capital revolves around early-stage companies, which may be risky, while growth capital deals with late-stage companies with an established business model. Therefore, the holding period, returns, and risks in both these stages differ.

Series A funding is a crucial stage of financing for startups, typically occurring after they have successfully raised seed funding.

Series A funding is the significant round of financing obtained by a startup from venture capital firms or institutional investors. It allows startups to scale their operations, further develop their products or services, and expand their market presence.