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blog/video/Hidden Gem in Pre-IPO & Startup Investing | Channel Partner Session

Hidden Gem in Pre-IPO & Startup Investing | Channel Partner Session

In this exclusive Channel Partner Session, we talk about the Investment Opportunities in Pre-IPO & Startup Investing for our Channel Partners. We show some of the best Pre-IPO & Startup opportunities available on our platform that you can recommend to your investors using features like Screener, Stock Recommendation and Marketplace. Marketplace deals with Startup shares, Pre IPO shares, and we also show Upcoming IPOs. We also recommend a portfolio which can provide massive returns to the investors in the future, which our Channel Partners can take advantage of. We are adding new features to our platform for Channel Partners like locations, CRM integration, wallet integration, buy/sell dashboard, widgets and much more!

Benefits you get as a Channel Partner on Planify:

- Planify empowers partners to offer their investors a diverse range of investment opportunities, including quality startups, SME, PreIPOs and Unicorns.

- Planify boats with an investment of 3.1 crores is worth Rs. 17 crores giving an absolute return of 450% and whopping a CAGR of 117.6%. Partnering with Planify ensures that your investors have the opportunity to achieve exceptional returns on their investments.

- Get the opportunity to refer clients to signup to Planify's services and earn ongoing revenues from the investment activities. You keep earning recurring referral income from your clients, Partners will receive weekly, monthly, and yearly incentives based on your performance and targets.

and more...

If you are any of the following, you can become a Channel Partner too!

1. Stock Broker
2. Insurance Agent
3. Mutual Fund Agent
4. Portfolio Manager
5. Research Analyst
6. Financial Institution Employee
7. AIF Distributor

By connecting with Planify as a Channel Partner, you can provide maximum returns to your investors. Connect with us if you want to know more, or if you want to become a channel partner on Planify.

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00:10 - Introduction & New Features
10:56 - Stock Recommendation
16:53 - Screener & Master Class
19:20 - Marketplace
38:20 - Past Performance
47:16 - Portfolio Recommendation
01:27:24 - Q/A Session
02:19:11 - Disclaimer

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