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blog/video/Studds Accessories Ltd Pre IPO Pitch Session | Should you invest?

Studds Accessories Ltd Pre IPO Pitch Session | Should you invest?

This Studds Accessories Ltd Pre IPO Pitch Session provides all the necessary details for you to decide if you should invest in Studds Accessories Ltd or not. We cover Studd's financial report, background, Studds IPO details, Studds business model, Studds revenue segmentation, Studds assets, strengths and shortcomings, revenue growth, future prospects and more! There is also a Q/A session where we answer questions from investors, delving deeper about Studds Pre IPO.

About Studds:

​STUDDS Accessories Ltd is a leading manufacturer of helmets and motorcycle accessories. It offers a wide range of two-wheeler helmets and accessories and possesses state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, equipped to deliver over 130 lakhs helmets every year. STUDDS has a strong global presence across Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, covering more than 40 countries around the globe. The company’s continuous emphasis on safety along with style, design and quality has created a loyal following for its unique products.

They have launched premium two-wheeler helmets under the name of 'SMK' in 2016, which has emerged as the leading brand with the largest market share in the premium two-wheeler helmet segment. Since its inception in 1983, over 3 decades, the company has continuously innovated products to ensure the safety to two-wheeler riders. The company's registered office is in Faridabad, Haryana which is newly built and is Asia's biggest helmet manufacturing facility.

You can read our research report for studds share price, learn about studds ipo and more shown in this session: Studds Research Report​

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00:10 - Introduction & Highlights
04:29 - Business Rating of Studds
04:43 - Team & Financial Report
05:21 - Studds Growth & About
06:54 - Studds IPO Details
07:25 - Studds Merger and Acquisitions
08:05 - Studds Business Model & Assets
08:45 - Industry Statisitics
13:32 - Future Prospects
14:13 - Government Initiatives
15:39 - Awards & Achievements
16:22 - Studds Growth
19:34 - Studds Peer Comparison
20:26 - Share Holding Pattern & Actions
22:22 - Pitch Conclusion
24:38 - Q/A Session
37:30 - Disclaimer

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